WellerFT Laserline Series


In all application areas where laser tools are being used, the emission of particles and gases is unavoidable. The diffusion of the produced emissions however has to be prevented as they are hazardous to health and can also settle as damp on sensitive components. This can damage the function as well as the durability of the work part. The product produced will be prevented from being contaminated.

The equipment of WellerFT Laserline series is designed for highest efficiency – in every respect and in all application areas. Their innovative structure offers advantages compared to standard systems that pay in the long term, such as low operating and maintenance cost.

WellerFT offers with its Laserline series mobile fume extractions for all kinds of laser applications. All systems are retrofitable with special filters for clean-room or for the use of inkjet printers. WellerFT Laserline filter systems have one more crucial advantages. They are the quietest in the world.

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WellerFT Laserline Series
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