In all application areas where laser tools are being used, the emission of particles and gases is unavoidable. The diffusion of the produced emissions however has to be prevented as they are hazardous to health and can also settle as damp on sensitive components. This can damage the function as well as the durability of the work part. The product produced will be prevented from being contaminated.




 Health problems

 Laser fumes is know as Laser Generated Air Contaminants (LGAC).

Problems by Laser Generated Air Contaminants (LGAC’s):


- Small particles, almost all is respirable. (Particles are mainly below 1 µm in diameter.)

- Particulate which may cause allergic, carcinogenic or toxic effects, e.g chrome and nickel from stainless steel.



- Problems are usually associated with plastics that gives of VOC.

- Most of these have Workplace Exposure Limits according to COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health).

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