FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I handle consumed filters?

A: That depends on what the filters have been used to and to local regulations for your community or country.

If the filter is classified as hazardous waste, local regulations for your community will decide what to do. If the goods is classified as waste it can be burnt.

In Lidköping, Sweden, consumed filters, used within the electronics industry, are looked upon as combustible waste, if it does not contain heavy metals. Consumed filters belongs to code 15 02 00 according to the Environmental Code.


Q: How can you tell if the filter system filtrates exactly the gases you want to eliminate?

A: FT's filter system is equipped with a broad spectra gas filter as standard, which theoretically can eliminate gas corresponding to 25 % of the weight of the filter substance. The gases you can eliminate are gases with a molecule weight >40 g/Mol and a boiling point > +/- 0 °C.


Q: Is the separation degree guaranteed for both particles and gases?

A: In general, most fume extraction systems today have a good purification of the particles in the fume. However, do not forget the importance of having a filter that purifies also the gases, such as aldehydes, with a high separation degree. You should demand to receive a certificate for the function of the filter and we believe that the test of the filter should be done by a third party, i.e. an authorized test institute

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