Laboratory Line

Filtronic´s products for laboratories are characterized by mobile systems with a great flexibility. Operating costs are low mainly because the filters do not require a lot of air and use energy-efficient blowers.

The product line consists of CBC-R, a mobile cleanroom in ISO class 5 and CBC-A, an air curtain cabinet, that is equivalent to a conventional suction cabinet but with an air curtain in front instead of a front glass screen. The mobile filter systems circulate the cleaned air after filtration and can be used in cleanrooms. The extraction arms can be connected to the central ventilation or to Filtronic´s mobile filter systems for optimal flexibility.

Energy costs

The cost of ventilation is a big expense in many laboratories. To warm or cool air to a comfortable indoor temperature is important, but also very expensive. Cooling air is more expensive than warming it.

Using central ventilation to extract polluted indoor air means that large volumes of cooled or heated air leave the building. To maintain a comfortable indoor temperature at a reasonable cost, all air has to be recycled.

In many laboratories the ventilation capacity is insufficient since the ventilation is fully used. Enlargement of a ventilation system is very expensive and often demands big investments.

The use of a mobile filter system to eliminate particles and gases allows air to be filtered, then recycled, so the air circulates in the building and does not have to be replaced.



An air curtain cabinett with low energy consumption.

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