Fume extraction the correct way

Basic issue for using a solder fume extraction/filter system is: 'remove the fumes at the spot where they occur!' The method of extraction is predicted by the job the operator has to fulfill.

The systems which are used with solder fume extraction consist of a number of recognisable parts:

- The extraction point, which can have the shape of a small tube at the tip of a soldering iron or a hood or a tube over or behind the working spot.

- A vacuum pump, which provides an airflow (vacuum) of the dangerous fumes. The type of motor depends on the systems you choose.

- A filtering concept, which removes the dangerous fumes from the airflow.


How to use a spot suction with nozzle or suction hood:

- Optimal air flow through the nozzle is min. 40 m3/h.

- The nozzle or hood should be placed towards the workbench and as close to the source as possible.


How to use a spot suction mounted on the soldering iron:

- Optimal air flow through the nozzle ca. 20 l/min (4.5 gallon/min).

- The nozzle should be placed max. 15 mm from the point of the soldering tip.

- To guarantee optimal suction capacity, check nozzle and hoses once a day and clean if necessary.


How to use a air curtain cabinet:

- The head of the operator is to be placed outside the air curtain.

- The lower edge of the cabinet is to be placed 10 cm from the front edge of the workbench. The object being worked on should be placed 5 cm in to the cabinet.

- Recommended air flow from the cabinet is 200 m3/h. NOTE: More air flow does not mean better function!










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