Health risks

A lot of today's dust and fume are hazardous to our health if inhaled. Over exposure can lead to long term and also serious medical problems such as:




 The basic idea of the transition to lead-free soldering is to reduce strain on the environment. For the operator the hand soldering process got more dangerous. The lead in the solder wire is gone, but to get the solder wire to moisten, more flux is added in the lead-free solder wire.

The temperature that is needed to create a solder joint of good quality using lead-free solder, will cause a stronger reaction within the flux and a bigger amount of particles will be created in the solder smoke. Lead-free soldering gives up to 250 % more particles in the size 0.5-1.0 micron, which is the particle size that is most dangerous to inhale. In addition to particles, solder smoke can contain isocyanates, aldehydes and other unhealthy substances.


Lead free soldering cause up to 250 % more particles in the breathing zone. 20 million particles 0,3 - 1,0 microns/cubic foot or about 700 million particles/cubic meter.




If you get exposed to organic solvents for a long time you can get:

- Chronicle damage on the nervous system, which can reduce the concentration and memory, give personality changes and permanent tiredness

- Reduced sensibility

- Restless legs and arms

- At prolonged and repeated contact with for example organic solvents, the skin will be irritated and dried up. This can give rise to non-allergic eczema.




 The main health risks with glueing are:

  • Skin irritation

  • Skin drying
  • Allergic contact eczema
  • Inhalation– and asthmatic problems from dusts and solvents


Polyurethane glue:
Contains isocyanates. When heating polyurethane glues it will create isocyanates and that can cause:

  • Asthma
  • Hyper sensitivity to isocyanates
  • Breathing problems to other smells like, perfumes, fumes from cars or tobacco smoke
  • Irritating to skin and eyes
  • Can give reduced lung capacity

Acrylate glues:
The basic materials for these glues are mostly acrylate-, metha acrylate- or cyano acrylate esters.

  • Can give contact allergy


  • Skin irritation
  • Allergic contact eczema

Residue product: Oxime, alcohol (alcoxy “methanol”, methoxy) or acetone


  • Avoid contact with skin and consumption
  • Can cause cancer
  • Causes allergic reaction with skin
  • Can give serious damage at eye contact


  • Irritating to the eye’s
  • Can give dry skin and blisters
  • Fumes can give tiredness


  • Hazardous for humans at low concentration
  • Poisoned at skin contact, consumption and inhaling of fumes













































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