WellerFT - worldwide leader in work environment emission control

The merger of two worldwide leading specialists for Fume Extraction Filter Systems sets new standards in personnel, machine and environment protection at work areas. Weller Tools GmbH located in Besigheim/Germany has been well known for over 50 years for trend-setting solutions in soldering technology and for extracting and filtering thereby caused emissions. Filtronic AB based in mid-swedish Lidköping has a 25 years excellent international reputation of being one of the most important manufacturer and developer of high-quality mobile filter systems for various applications.

WellerFT combines the competences of both companies under this new brand name. Manufacturer and operators are being offered a wide range of Filter Extraction Systems “Made in Germany” for electronics, industrial and medical lasers as well as for laboratories and cosmetics.

As a part of the US-American Apex Tool Group with approx. 7.600 employees in more than 30 countries, WellerFT disposes of the know-how, the production capacities and the logistic of a worldwide operating enterprise. And also profits from the advantages of long lasting spare parts guarantee and just-in-time-deliveries around the globe.

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